Masterly Putting

Groove your putting
I use this drill to improve my ability to see the ideal line, get the ball rolling on that line and hone speed control.

My line drill
I carry a small wire hoop in my bag that we made by bending it around a piece of PVC pipe. It's essentially a mini croquet hoop that's just wide enough for the ball to pass through with a little wiggle room on each side.

Once I think I know the line, I place the hoop about two feet in front of the ball along that line and hit a few putts. If the ball drops a few times, I know that's the right line. If it doesn't, I adjust the position of the hoop. Once you know the line, the goal is to make seven out of 10. This will help you practice green reading and get your speed right, too.

Click here to see a video of Zach Johnson demonstrating this tip.

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