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The Instant Power Move

A.J. Bonar
Angus Murray
What the Magic Move Is
Developed by teaching pro A.J. Bonar, it lets you do what instinctively feels right — swing with your hands instead of your body (the method that predominates in modern teaching). The Magic Move rotates the clubface through impact — instead of trying to keep it square — and it can boost your clubhead speed by up to 14 mph and your drives by 30 yards. Every Tour pro in the world uses the move, whether they realize it or not.

What it can do for your game
It can transform you from a hit-and-hope player into a ball-striking machine, say Bonar and our testers who adopted the method. The move works with every fullswing club in your bag, from driver to lob wedge. And it's simpler to repeat than swinging with the big muscles — you're not paralyzed by swing thoughts ("turn shoulders, head straight, clear hips").


Bonar makes a bold claim: Teachers have been coaching the wrong swing for decades, and he alone holds the key to lower scores. While our Top 100 Teachers like much in his method, some call the key move tough to time and only suggest it for better players. But Bonar insists it works for all skill levels.
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