Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Here's a test. Look at the three photographs below and think, "What do I see?"

Most amateurs think, "I see a 30-yard wedge shot, a tough shot over sand, and a really scary lob shot over water."

The correct answer is: "I see three pictures of a 30-yard wedge shot."

In all three cases, the ball is the same 30 yards from the hole. And in all three cases, the shot -- and more importantly, its execution -- should be the same: Set up, make a few practice swings until you're comfortable with your swing lengths back and through, then make the shot.

However, with the possible exception of the first shot (when there's no hazard to carry), that's usually not what happens. When there's trouble, golfers see it and worry about it, so their chances of making good swings and hitting good shots drop -- and so do the balls, into the water or sand. \n

Sam Greenwood

Once you learn to ignore the trouble and focus your mind on something you can control -- your swing -- those trouble shots won't look so troublesome.

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