Move your weight left by pressing the spikes on your left shoe into the turf to start your downswing.
Ian Logan
By David Phillips
Friday, December 26, 2008

This story is for you if...

• You miss more than four greens in a round
• You don't get enough height on your iron shots
• You sometimes thin your irons

The Problem

Your front foot spins out before you make contact. This movement makes your lower body unstable and forces you to rely on the timing of your hands.

The Solution

Start your downswing by pushing the spikes on your left shoe into the ground. Try to dig them in as deep as you can. This move — common to all great iron players — shifts your weight back into your left leg before you start to unwind, giving you a strong base that will allow you to hit the crisp, soaring iron shots you want.

Check This!

Did you go through a proper fitting when you bought your last pair of shoes? If not, chances are they're too big. This will cause your foot to move inside the shoe during your swing, which will affect your lower body stability and ability to make crisp contact. Ask your local pro to check your shoes, and if you don't have the right fit, buy a new pair.\n

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