Hold the clubface open through impact to curve it out of trouble.
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By Roger Gunn
Friday, December 12, 2008

This story is for you if...

• You're unable to curve the ball left to right on demand...
\n• ...and you'd like to know how so you can use your "slice" as a trouble shot

The Situation

Your tee shot ended up in the trees. If you play straight out you'll be miles from the green, but if you can bend it hard to the right and get it rolling up the fairway you'll be back in business.

The Solution

That hard left-to-right slider that got you in trouble can help you now — all you need to do is hit it on purpose.

How to Hit a Mega-Slice on Purpose

At address, aim your body 20 yards left of your final target and point the clubface about 10 yards to the right of your toe line with your hands turned well to the left on the grip (counterclockwise). This will add loft to your shot, so if you want to hit the ball your normal 7-iron distance, use your 4-iron.

Make your normal swing but feel like you're holding the face open through impact. When you block the rotation of the clubface like this you create a glancing blow that puts sidespin on the ball and curves it hard right — bad off the tee but just the ticket here. You know you've done it right if the clubface faces the sky in your follow-through.

Watch Out!

Double-check your stance line because this ball is going to jump to the right on contact. Another consideration is height. This shot will take off much higher than your normal punch shot out of the trees, so watch for any overhanging limbs.\n

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