Three one-inch changes turn a good setup into a power setup.
Angus Murray
By Martin Hall
Friday, June 19, 2009

This story is for you if...

• You want to hit shorter irons into par 4s.
• Shorter irons? I just want to cream it!

Try This!

The next time you really need to bomb one off the tee, or if you're in desperate need to hit your driver 20 yards longer than your current average, make the three one-inch changes to your setup pictured here. They may be small (notice the subtle difference between my "normal" address below and and my "power" address at right), but they pay off in serious extra yards.

Power Change #1

Pull your right shoulder back one inch from its usual setup position. This move points your swing plane slightly to the right, which will help you swing right of target and increase your chances of adding draw spin.

Power Change #2

Move the base of your spine one inch closer to the target, which will tilt your spine slightly to the right (upper body leaning away from the target). This encourages an inside-out swing, an upward strike and more yards.

Power Change #3

Play the ball one inch back of where you usually position it in your stance. This is another setup change that will get you in the habit of swinging slightly right of the target on your downswing and adding the right-to-left spin common to mammoth tee shots.\n

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