Your club should scoot past the ball after impact from the sand.
Leonard Kamsler
Friday, April 25, 2008

Follow the tips below, practice 30 minutes a week and you'll see lower scores right away.


See how my club scoots past the ball shortly after it bounces through impact, whether I'm using a real ball from the sand on the course or the almostGOLF practice ball from a Bunkerboard or Positionmat (more on these later). This is the key to distance control from the sand. To get it, turn your clubface open at address and try to hold it open as you swing through.

Pick up a small bag of sand the next time you're at Home Depot or Lowe's, then buy some almostGOLF practice balls ($12.99, and something hard that you can hit off. \n

In our schools we use Bunkerboards and Positionmats ($99.95 and $84.50;, but a flat cookie tray with a clubface-sized pile of sand on it will do the trick. \nYou only need one scoop of sand for each shot. Set the ball on top of the pile of sand and remember to position it way forward in your stance, lay your clubface open and swing through impact with acceleration. You have to swing through aggressively so you get the bounce and scoot, and some backspin. Your shots will fly a little to the right of your target due to the open clubface, so aim a little left as you set up.

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