<strong>NO</strong> Tilted eyes force you to push off the ground, disrupting your swing flow.<br /><strong>YES</strong> Level eyes allow you to smoothly roll your weight to where it should be.
Angus Murray
By Carl Rabito
Wednesday, January 02, 2008

This story is for you if...

• You alternately hit your irons fat and thin
• It seems like everyone else is one club longer than you
• You've never considered what your eyes should do when you swing

\nYou hit your irons short and all over the map.

\nYou probably tilt your head to the right in your downswing. When you do that, your right eye drops below your left, and since you're wired to follow your eyes, your right shoulder dips, too. This makes a smooth transfer of weight to your left side impossible, and you end up trying to force the transfer with a sudden push off your right foot, which throws off the timing and sequencing of your swing.

At address, set both eyes parallel to the target line and level to the ground and keep them there throughout your swing. When you do this, you'll be able to smoothly move your weight onto your left side.

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