You'll groove a solid pendulum stroke in no time with the board.
D2 Productions
By Bill Forrest
Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This story is for you if ...

• Your putting stroke lacks smoothness
• You struggle with short putts
• You don't want to buy an expensive new putter or putting training aid

If you have trouble taking your putter straight back and through on short putts, you can make yourself a foolproof training aid for next to nothing. Here's how:

• Obtain a foot-long piece of 2 x 2 wood.

• If you're handy in the garage, create a 45-degree edge along the entire length of one side of the board. If you're not, go to Home Depot and have them do it. Center the board on the ground behind your ball so you have an equal amount of wood for your back- and forward-stroke.

• Practice making simple five-footers by moving the heel of your putter back to the right end of the board and then through impact to the left end of the board. You can drag the heel section of your putter along the board lightly to start, but as your stroke becomes more natural, work on making the same motion without touching the board.

• When you're done, put the wood in your bag and use it on the practice green to work on your stroke whenever you have a few moments.

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