When you swing your hands around your hips, this is what your finish looks like.
Bob Atkins
Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nearly every green complex is designed to funnel water away from the putting surface, so when you miss a green, you'll frequently find yourself with a hilly lie.

If you're chipping from an uphill or a downhill lie, position the ball at the high point in your stance. For a downslope, that's off your right foot, and off your left foot when you're on an upslope. This gives you the best chance of making crisp contact and keeping chili-dips and thin shots at bay.

When you're on a sidehill with the ball above your feet, the needed adjustments are more complex. The first step is to pull your lob wedge. It has a thinner sole than a sand wedge and will give you cleaner contact. Choke down on the grip so that the clubhead rests on the turf without you having to adjust your normal posture. Swing your hands around your hips, instead of your shoulders like you do on your full swing.

You know you're doing it right if your hands and your clubhead are at hip height in your follow-through.


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