Angus Murray
By Brady Riggs
Sunday, March 07, 2010

This story is for you if...
1. You don't know how to hit low, powerful shots.
2. You often get in trouble and can't get out.

The Problem
Your shot has landed in the rough below tree limbs. You need to get the ball back in play by scooting it up the fairway. In the past these situations have led to big numbers that have blown up your entire round.

The Smart Play
To hit a punch, set the majority of your weight on your front foot with your hands slightly forward of center, so that the shaft leans toward the target. Visualize a shot that flies low and hard before you take your backswing, which should be shorter than normal.

On your downswing, shift your weight even more toward the target¬ódon't hang back! The shaft should continue to lean toward the target to both remove loft and help the clubhead work down and through the thick grass. Make sure you rotate your body through the shot, which will help keep the trajectory down.

Think about getting your chest over your front foot in your follow-through, and cut your swing off when your hands reach chest height. The clubhead should finish at or below the height of your hands with the toe pointing straight at the target.

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