Leonard Kamsler
By Dave Pelz
Monday, October 29, 2007

No matter what your ability level you can learn to hit wedge shots pure and close to the hole. So if you hit some wedge shots fat and skull others, there's hope for fast improvement in a term you might remember from high school geometry class: radius. (And you thought you'd never use that stuff again!)

You will hit better wedge shots by keeping the radius of your left arm constant through your swing.

In my schools I see many golfers who alter the length of their left arm radius during their swings. This causes severe timing problems in getting the clubhead back to the ball at the perfect height position for impact—namely, the one you started with at address. Tremendous inconsistency in wedge shots results. When you bend your elbow like this, you are picking the club up instead of swinging it around your body.

By keeping your left arm radius constant, you will have a huge advantage in pressure situations. I can testify to this: Back when I played competitively, I knew I would hit my wedges solidly by keeping my radius constant and my head still, regardless of how tight or wet the lie was.

Drill: Lead-Arm Only:

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