Get out of the sand with ease. <span class="picturesource">Ian Worpole</span>
Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A perfect bunker swing enters the sand about three inches behind the ball, skims a half-inch under the surface, then emerges about three inches in front of where the ball rested. The club never touches the ball itself--it splashes the sand up and out. The sand carries the ball along for the ride.

• If you've never been able to make the swing, this drill will teach you how. Draw parallel lines about six inches apart in a practice bunker.

• Make five practice swings that enter the sand at one line and exit at the other. Try to make the clubhead go about a half-inch into the sand.

• Smooth the sand and re-draw the lines, then place a ball between them and replicate your practice swing. The ball will poop out and land on the green.

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