A helping Hans

"Find something within one to two feet on your putting line (for example, a discoloration) and putt over that. Separate aim and distance. Before you hit, look at the spot, then at the hole, then at the spot."

"Your feet should be at least shoulders-width apart with your knees out. Bend from your hips and relax your arms. Your head should be over the ball or just inside it."

Left hand low
"Use the left-hand-low method.It's the most natural way to putt. Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus both have said they wished they learned that way."

Parallel lines
"Create parallel lines with your body: Your hips and your feet should line up, and your shoulders should line up to the ground. The ball should be an inch in front of center; your putter is in the center."

"Create a triangle with your forearms. Your wrists should never move. You should be fixated on the shot but relaxed. On a scale of 1 to 10, your grip tension should be about a 3."

"The putting stoke is a whole movement. Go 1.4 back and 3.4 through for a smoother roll and feel. Bring the putter back farther for longer shots."

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