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Dave Pelz's Fast New Ways to Lower Your Handicap

Dave Pelz lower your handicap
Leonard Kamsler
"This data allowed us to assess amateur skills with an accuracy never before possible."

Dave Pelz, one of the foremost short game and putting instructors in golf, offers schools and clinics across the U.S. Click here to find out more information.

"If you want to improve your playing skills, you have to know exactly what needs improving. It won't help to empty a bucket of range balls with your driver when it's your putting that's killing your scores.

I understood this 30 years ago, when I first began measuring the skills of the PGA Tour players I worked with. This was before laser rangefinders, so I had to walk off distances before tournaments then run outside the ropes during events to chart where players hit their shots. I used these shot patterns and scores to identify weak areas and help the players turn those weaknesses into strengths. This research-based instruction formed the foundation of my teaching career and Scoring Game Schools, and today it remains a driving force within both.

Last summer, the PGA Tour offered me its ShotLink laser technology and software to study the games of amateurs. With their help, the Pelz Golf Institute staff measured every shot from more than 300 amateurs on four holes over four rounds at Arrowhead Country Club during the PGA Tour Superstore World Amateur Handicap Championship, in Myrtle Beach, S.C. This data allowed us to assess amateur skills with an accuracy never before possible. (And I didn't have to do any running!) The purpose of our research was to compare amateur skills to those of PGA Tour players (which ShotLink measures) and use this data to help you assess where your game lies within that skill spectrum. Knowing this, you can accurately identify where your game needs the most work and how hard you must go at it to become a better player." — Dave Pelz

Pelz's new research on: Driving | Playing Par 3s | Sand Play | Makeable Putts

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