Thursday, February 22, 2007
What is it:

Who it is for: Poor chippers

Your ball is in the light rough just short of the green, but the hole is on a black shelf about 50 feet away. Should you chip the ball and roll it to the hole or try a high pitch and fly the ball all the way to the pin?

Unless your last name is Mickelson or Woods, forget about hoisting one of those big-swing flop shots--it's unnecessary and ups the odds for a miscue. Even if you catch it clean, it will have big-time backspin, so if you land on the slope it will roll back down.

Which club should you use?

  • If you need equal parts carry and roll (a 1:1 ratio), reach for your sand wedge.
  • A pitching-wedge chip will roll twice as far as it flies (1:2); a 9-iron is 1:3 and so on.
  • Since the shot needs 10 feet of carry and 40 feet of roll, and 8-iron (1:4) is the perfect choice.

IM MURPHY teaches in Sugar land, Texas

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