Bob Atkins
By Glenn Deck
Monday, March 30, 2009

If you're an inconsistent ball striker, it probably carries over into your short game, which is frustrating because with such a short swing it should be easy to make solid contact. If you do have trouble with chips, it's more than likely because you try to lift the ball into the air and end up blading it across the green or laying the sod over it. Solid chips are the result of hitting down into the back of the ball, not trying to lift it up. Here's a drill that will produce the kind of chips you dream about—unless it's those blue corn dealies. You'll need to hit the snack aisle for those.

The Drill

Balance a club on the top of a water bottle as shown (it's easier than it looks), and place your ball 12 inches behind the middle of the grip. Make your chip stroke without knocking the shaft off the bottle. You'll need to descend into the ball and keep your clubhead low to the ground post-impact. If you try to scoop the ball or allow the club to pass your hands, you'll send the club and the bottle flying.

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