The Rules Guy
Monday, June 04, 2012

I was playing “four ball” with my usual group when we ran into a situation that nearly led to a fistfight. My partner and I hit shots onto the green that landed about a foot away from each other, and on the exact same line to the hole. My partner’s ball was inside of mine, but since he’s a far superior putter, he told me that he’d shoot first to give me a look at the line. Without even thinking about the consequences, my buddy sank his putt, and, before anyone could say a word, I lined up and put mine it right behind it. Our opponents erupted, saying that it was illegal for my partner to putt first, since I was clearly away. They demanded that we forfeit the hole, but I insisted that we’d done nothing wrong, and that as a team it was up to us to decide who hit first. Please settle this score!

M. Spearo, Charlotte, N.C.

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