3 Secrets Golf Pros Know That You Don't

Secret Move #1:
Maintain wrist hinge until release

If you're a highhandicapper, you probably hinge your right wrist backward at the top of your swing-and that's a good thing. But unlike players on Tour, you don't keep that angle through impact-you lose it way too early. Maintaining that angle will help you maintain the correct loft on the club, so you'll get the proper distance.
Take your normal grip on the club, then move your left thumb off the shaft of the club and over and on top of your right wrist. Take a few half-swings with an iron from this position and notice how your thumb helps keep the right-wrist angle intact and the clubhead behind your hands at impact. This combination allows you to maximize your power and distance.
Secret Move #2:
Rotate your head

By trying to keep your eye on the ball, you can develop "turkey peeking over a log" syndrome, in which your shoulders turn all the way to the right but you're still looking over your left shoulder to see the ball. Your head should rotate to the right along with your shoulders in the backswing, then back to the left during the downswing.
First, imagine that you're gently shaking your head "no"-right and then left-as you swing. Or try a second drill: Take practice swings with a straw in your mouth. Concentrate on keeping the straw in the center of your vision as you swing back and then through. This will automatically give you the head rotation you need.
Secret Move #3
Keep your trailing knee flexed

All golfers, even Tour pros, have to watch the tendency to straighten the right knee in the downswing. It's an easy mistake to make, and the results are disastrous. The move forces you to stand up and throws the entire hitting mechanism out of whack. Expect poor contact every time.
Prop the back of a chair under your backside and swing without losing contact with the chair. If you can do this, your right knee will stay flexed and you'll deliver full power to the ball.

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