13 Ways to Fix Your Game: Iron Play

Fix Your Iron Play

Time your release

You need a well-timed release to produce accurate power, but nailing that timing can be difficult. Any time the clubhead starts to outpace your hands, you'll be in a scooping position at impact, and that means plenty of ballflight misery.

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To hit more greens in regulation, keep your hands ahead of the clubhead through impact. Don't let your clubhead lead the hands.

Lead with your hands

From the top, think about crushing a soda can under your right armpit. This will help you retain the angle between the shaft and your left forearm. Keep that angle intact until impact. Your club will then release at the bottom of your swing without you having to give it a thought.

Stick it like Stricker

If you want to make piles of birdies you have to hit piles of greens, and no one improved more in that category than Steve Stricker, who moved up 155 spots in the greens-in-regulation ranking.

"I knew I was hitting more greens this year! I have more confidence because I'm doing everything a little better. I'm playing smarter, going after the pins I feel comfortable going after and leaving the others alone. I put in a lot of time last winter at the indoor driving range my father-in-law owns in Madison, Wisc., and I started to work on a lot of little things in my swing. Plus, I'm getting it in the fairway more—my fairway percentage is up quite a bitfrom last year, and those two (fairways hit and GIR) kind of go hand-in-hand."
-Steve Stricker

PGA Tour Most Improved Greens in Regulation (GIR)
Player 2005 GIR/Rank 2006 GIR/Rank Improvement/Rank
Steve Stricker 61.3%/179th 67.8%/24th +6.5%/+155
Stephen Ames 62%/169th 66.4%/51st +4.4%/+118
Skip Kendall 62.7%/153rd 67.2%/37th +4.5%/+116
Thomas Levet 61.3%/179th 65.9%/70th +4.6%/+109
PGA Tour Average: 64.6%
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