In Your Face

Photo: Greg Lord

MacGregor Face-Off DCT Response Putter

One truism about mis-hit putts is that they don't go as far as those struck on the sweet spot. The farther the impact from the center of the face, the less roll you get. MacGregor's new Face-Off DCT Response putter was engineered to produce the same roll—and distance—for center and off-center strikes, turning mis-hits into pure putts.

While it comes with two interchangeable faces to handle slow or slick greens, what makes this putter special is its insert, which has two polymers with different rebound properties: high-rebound in the heel and t o e, low-rebound in the center. So instead of thudding off a dead spot, your mis-hits bounce off a livelier area, rolling as if struck dead center.Which is pretty sweet!

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