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From Golf Magazine (June 2011)
Yes Jennifer
Category: High-MOI Mallet Putters
We tested: 34", 35" shaft length

Key Technologies: This center-shaft, face-balanced mallet is designed to be a mini version of its Natalie model. The 355-gram clubhead is made of 304 stainless steel and has 2.5° loft. Comes standard with Winn AVS grip.

OUR TESTERS SAY: Simple-looking package delivers a smooth, true roll and repeatable performance.

DISTANCE CONTROL: Reliable control and consistent roll for most; putter gets ball rolling quickly with minimal skidding.
FEEL: Putts come off the face at a good, controlled speed, not too hard or fast; wellbalanced head provides effortless feel.
LOOK: Uncluttered - a nice contrast to many of the putters in this category; the non-glare, bead-blast finish and extended sightline give it a straightforward look.

Some testers find that off-center twist is greater than normal; others prefer a heavier head, especially for longer putts; center-shaft look isn't for everyone.

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Yes Courtney
Category: Blade Putters
We tested: 34", 35" shaft length

Key Technologies: The stainless steel, 355-gram head has a "toe down" design. It's a heel-shafted cavity back with 2.5° loft, a "tri-level" sole, single sightline and Winn AVS grip.

OUR TESTERS SAY: One of the top-rated putters; simple precision from long or short range.

DISTANCE CONTROL: A top performer - lags are a snap and cash-in putts just go in; tight, controlled roll time after time - good strokes are richly-rewarded; most find that this putter screams consistency.
FEEL: Balanced, instantaneous, delightful feel; soft grip feels right.
LOOK: Compact head with simple sightline; slant neck hosel provides an unobstructed view of the ball.

A few testers find that the shape, styling and color doesn't set it apart; others seek a little more help on mis-hits.

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From Golf Magazine (ClubTest, April 2010)

Yes! Ashley
Category: Midsize Mallet Putters
We tested: 34", 35" shaft length

Company line: "The Ashley has our patented 'C-Groove Technology' to produce a true roll, plus pronounced heel-toe weighting, an ideal head shape and size, and simple alignment lines. The double-bend shaft and face-balanced design make it a solid fit for all player types."

Our Testers say:
PROS: Heavy head helps on longer putts and smoothes out your stroke; grooved face seems to produce a pure roll most every time; solid and stable feel; a few guys witness immediate improvement in their putting game; you can tell when you miss the sweet spot, but the ball still rolls well; sets up easily.

CONS: Clubface feels a little hard to some testers; head weight is too much for a few guys, which affects distance control; odd head shape.

Yes! Dawn
Category: Blade Putters
We tested: 34", 35" shaft length

Company line: "The Dawn is a CNC-milled, cavity-back blade with full offset hosel. It's made from 303-forged stainless steel. The head weighs 345 grams and provides incredible feel and responsiveness with proven 'C-Groove' technology."

PROS: Dawn produces a consistent roll, putts hold the line nicely; sharp, firm feel on center hits; pretty good distance control on longer putts; helps you to distinguish mis-hits; single white alignment line works fine; swings easily on the path you choose.

CONS: Other models seem to have more heft; curved grooves aside, testers find the overall package to be too plain looking; nothing sets it apart performance-wise.

Yes! Madison
Category: High-MOI Mallet Putters
We tested: 34", 35" shaft length

Company line: "The 431 stainless steel head has pronounced perimeter weighting with discretionary mass placed in the rear, toe and heel. A long parallel alignment strip makes it simple to aim. Our 'C-Groove' technology gets the ball traveling end-over-end sooner for a more stable roll."

Our Testers say:
PROS: No-frills putter is a cinch to align, easy to hit and produces pleasing results; the full weight of the head directly behind the ball translates to a smooth roll; guys with straight-back, straight-through strokes appreciate it; helpful visual aid eliminates guesswork; forgiving on slight mis-hits.

CONS: The putter makes a distracting tinny sound at contact; a few testers experience limited feedback (lack of precise feel), which can affect distance control; longish, tongue-like head shape has its dissenters.


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