<strong>How to Pitch From Deep Rough</strong><br /> <i>Take practice swings to feel how to knife through the grass</i> <p>By David Glenz<br /> Top 100 Teacher </p><p> This story is for you if... </p><p> &bull; You think you have to chop the ball out when pitching from rough. <br /> &bull; Your pitch swing is an arms-only swing. </p><p> <strong>The Situation</strong> <br /> Your ball has landed in thick rough (you can barely see the top of it) 20 yards short of the green. To save par, you have to dig it out and land it close. That's a tall order. </p><p> <strong>The Solution</strong> <br /> Because the ball is deep in the grass, you think you have to chop it out with your arms, but that's a sure recipe for inconsistent contact. The key is to turn your body with your swing. Practice this move from a similar lie until you're confident in your ability to cut through the grass. It's very similar to a bunker shot in that you want to get the club through the grass and underneath the ball. </p>
Schecter Lee
By Woody Hochswender
Monday, December 15, 2008

Copper, titanium and other metal bracelets have long been promoted for arthritis relief, but now the idea has been taken a step further, with baubles designed to relieve stress and even help you play better. Callaway Golf has gotten into the act with a bracelet line called IONETIX, which includes a stainless steel version embedded with magnets. The product is designed to create "an overall feeling of well-being." The theory is that modern life, with all its electrical gadgets, loads our bodies with an excess of positive ions, which are balanced by the negative ions emitted by the jewelry. Some scientists have suggested that the bracelets offer little more than a placebo effect, but hey, your mind screws up enough of your rounds¬ómaybe it's time it chipped in something useful.

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