Wilson Staff 8883 Putter
Schecter Lee
Monday, March 29, 2010

From Golf Magazine (ClubTest, April 2010)

Wilson Staff 8883
Category: Midsize Mallet Putters

We tested: 35" shaft length

Company line: "The first pass through our dual-milled process ensures a flat clubface for consistency, while the second pass adds arched grooves for improved roll and slight corrective sidespin on heel and toe hits. Our 'Visual Plane Differential' technology uses multi-surface markings to help players align the putter correctly, while a low durometer and soft polymer grip further improves feel and feedback."

Our Testers say:
PROS: Testers excel with it on lag putts; toe-down weighting works well for those with an arcing stroke; promotes a smooth stroke and creates tight end-over-end roll; enhances touch; very good distance control; satisfying amount of feedback; releases well through impact; hosel and shaft seem to position hands in a slight forward press.

CONS: Not the best on off-center hits; clubhead wants to close through impact, which can lead to pulled putts; visual aid is too busy for some.

$100, wilson.com

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