Wilson FYbrid HS Hybrid

Photo: Schecter Lee

From Golf Magazine (ClubTest, May 2010)

Category: Game-Improvement Hybrids

We tested: FY (19.5°), 3h (21°), 4h (24°) and 5h (27°) with UST Mamiya ProForce AXIVCore graphite shaft

Company line: "The new Heavy Sole (HS) moves the center of gravity 7 percent lower and 11 percent deeper, resulting in a higher launch and stronger ball flight. The 'dual rail' sole lowers the leading edge for cleaner turf interaction from a variety of lies."


PROS: Shots jump up quickly and fly on a higher-than normal ball flight due to the heavy sole; consistent forgiveness means more directional help than increased distance; many testers refer to its firm impact sensation; nice option for mid- to high-handicappers; good results from rough; reliable distance gapping between clubs.

CONS: Some testers seek more distance than these deliver, particularly on misses; FYbrid HS does its job but there's nothing truly distinctive here; a handful of guys seek more response from well-hit shots.

$150, graphite;

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