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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

From Golf Magazine (Club Test, May 2008)

\nIt's for: Mid- and high-handicappers

\nWe tested: 3-9, PW, GW in True Temper TX-105 steel shaft. Shaft length/loft (6-iron): 38"/29°

Company line: "Our midsize head delivers the look of a Tour iron with the forgiveness of an oversize iron. Its central notch accentuates perimeter weighting and the thin face delivers maximum power. Elastomeric paint in the cavity reduces vibration by one-third."

Our Test Panel Says:
PROS: Terrific combo of tour-style feel with game-improvement forgiveness; medium-low, controlled flight still provides plenty of carry; equally easy to dial in off a short tee or around greens; powerful head frames the ball nicely; mis-hits are clearly felt; adequate distance forgiveness; lets you use whatever skill you have; cuts through rough like butter.

CONS: Some might be put off by enhanced feedback on poor contact; more suited to player who requires only a little forgiveness than someone who needs maximum help.

"Lets you know where the clubhead is at all times." — Robert Record (15)

$499, steel; $599, graphite

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