Mizuno MP-59 irons
David Dusek
Monday, April 23, 2012

GolfTEC and Golfsmith
GOLF.com has teamed up with GolfTEC, the No. 1 club-fitting and professional golf instruction company, and Golfsmith to offer you special deals on custom fitting. You can learn more about the program and See-Try-Buy here, and you can sign up for your personal custom fitting at GolfTEC.com or Golfsmith.com.

FOR 2012
'Shaft Optimizer' software is updated to reflect changes in offered shafts. 

A patented 'Shaft Optimizer' tool records several critical data points during your swing, including clubhead speed, swing tempo and kick angle, then recommends a shaft that best matches your "Swing DNA." An exclusive "Shaft Optimizer" software program contains bend profiles for all 47 shafts offered through its custom fitting department, to be sure you're getting the right head/shaft combo.
Learn more about the Shaft Optimizer and Mizuno custom fitting

Mizuno holds demo and fitting days all over the country that give you the opportunity to test the company's latest offerings and be custom fit on the spot.
Find a demo or fitting day in your area at mizunousa.com

1,300 'Performance Fitting System' carts carry 23 interchangeable heads and 47 interchangeable shafts, for 873 possible shaft/head combos. Every cart contains each Mizuno iron model in multiple head weights to fit you for swing weight, regardless of shaft length or weight.
Find out more at mizunousa.com

Tell us about your Mizuno fitting
Have you been to a Custom Fitting Center or Demo Day? Tell us and your fellow golfers about your experience in the comments section below.

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