The weights slot into one of six grooves with as many as 15 different settings. Each setting promotes a different ball flight.
Schecter Lee
Saturday, December 08, 2007

Call it the weighting game. TaylorMade broke ground in 2004 with moveable-weight screws in its watershed r7 driver. Adams followed soon after with a similar concept in its Redline RPM 430Q. Now meet the newest player: Mizuno's MP-600, whose 16 grams of adjustable weight can be set to promote 15 — count 'em, 15 — different ball flights, a boon for better players seeking to tweak the shape of their drives. (If forgiveness is your first priority, Mizuno recommends its MX-560.) The design of the MP-600 is novel in that its two eight-gram weights don't screw in, they slide along a crescent-shaped track that looks like a set of six teeth imprints in the driver's sole. Need help hitting a draw? Simply loosen the weights and slide them toward the heel, which helps close the clubface at impact. Fancy a fade? Scoot the weights toward the toe for the opposite effect. You can loosen, slide and tighten the weights in 10 seconds with an easy-to-use wrench. Now if only the Rules allowed you do that on every tee ...

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