Monday, May 02, 2011

From Golf Magazine (June 2011)
Category: High-MOI Mallet Putters
We tested: 34", 35" shaft length

Key Technologies: It features a high-contrast white head and jumbo-size grip. A higher level of contrast helps you focus on the leading edge and alignment aids. The oversize grip should minimize wrist breakdown, reduce grip pressure, and minimize clubhead rotation.

OUR TESTERS SAY: It works quite well for many testers but doesn't look or feel great; the oversize grip has its supporters.

DISTANCE CONTROL: Many testers find it provides good control on faster greens.
FEEL: Oversize grip feels nice and reduces handsiness during the stroke; smooth, soft feel preferred by some testers.
LOOK: White head provides a striking contrast at address to multiple black sightlines, so it's easy to align.

Some testers find that the light head makes gauging distances difficult, especially on longer putts; a handful of guys find it looks like a knockoff due, in part, to the white paint chipping off during the test; clubface deadens feel too much for some.

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