Titleist 909 D2 driver
Schecter Lee
By Rob Sauerhaft
Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Titleist really gets the old line about different strokes for different folks. Its hot new driver family includes three distinct models, the 909 D2, 909 DComp and 909 D3. Each stick has a milled trapezoid face insert—thickest in the middle, thinner around the perimeter—to maximize ball speed across more of the face.

A blind-bore hosel combines with small, stiff ridges inside the head to promote crisp acoustics and feel. Yet the heads differ in shape, construction and, ultimately, performance (see chart). The idea is to provide suitable options for various swing types and desired ball flights. You can be fit for 909 drivers through the company's SureFit adjustable fitting system (includes seven driver heads and 16 shafts).

D2: $399, graphite; D3: $399, graphite; DComp: $499, graphite

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