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Thursday, May 06, 2010

From Golf Magazine (ClubTest, March 2010)

Category: Game-Improvement Irons
We tested: 3-PW with KBS 90 steel shaft

Company line: "R9 has an ultra-thin wraparound face to maximize ball speed plus 'Inverted Cone' technology for consistent distance on off-center hits. The 3- to 6-irons have a 'velocity-control chamber' for more consistency, ball speed and power. The chamber has an innovative shock-absorption system (silicone and soft foam) for satisfying feel and sound."

Our Testers say:
PROS: The longest hitters in the test whether you catch it dead-center or not; soft, quiet sensation on center hits without the bad vibes and negative feedback on mis-hits; clubface is hot, balls jump off it; many testers find that these do a quality job correcting mis-hits directionally and distance-wise; rough is not an impediment; a touch of workability.

CONS: Some panelists find impact feel to be mildly descriptive but would like R9 to speak up more; the hot face can lead to distance-control issues; a handful of testers expect more directional help.


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From Sports Illustrated Golf+ Equipment Issue (February 8, 2010)
R9 irons are made with the better player in mind and have a clean, conventional look. The three- through six-irons incorporate a large and fully enclosed compartment behind the clubface called the Velocity Control Chamber, which makes it easier to launch the ball at a high speed, while Inverted Cone Technology milled onto the inner side of the clubface promotes controlled power and consistent distance.

From Golf Magazine (November 2009)
Hollow-headed 3- through 6-irons have a thin, "unsupported" face (it creates a "wraparound" design) that leads to increased clubface flexibility. This combines with the firm's "inverted cone" design to boost ball speed across the face. The hollow chamber is filled with lightweight foam and a silicone shock absorber to control pitch and sound. R9 short irons have a low-CG sole design and vibration dampening layer in the cavity.

From The Shop Blog (October 2009)
One of the most unique features of the R9 irons is something you can't see—a chamber behind the face of the club that is filled with an almost-weightless foam and a silicone shock absorber positioned directly behind the center of the face in the 3- through 6-irons (above). While the foam and shock absorber help to soak up unwanted vibration, TaylorMade claims the design also leaves the face more free to flex at impact and rebound—like a thin-faced driver—for added distance.

The heads of the long- and mid-irons are large, with a low center of gravity to help players get more distance and height on shots. The heads of the short irons are slightly smaller to increase playability, but they still have an undercut channel in back to add height and spin.
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