(From the left) TaylorMade Penta TP5, Penta TP3, RocketBallz.
TaylorMade Golf
Friday, April 20, 2012
From GOLF Magazine  (May, 2012)

Penta TP5 , $46 (Buy Now)
IT’S FOR:  Better players who are looking for “Tour” performance.
SKINNY: The core of this 5-piece ball is 28 percent softer than the previous Penta ball. The objective is to decrease driver spin (by 100 to 250 rpm) and increase launch so shots struck with the big clubs fly longer. Its soft urethane cover provides a high degree of spin and soft feel on scoring shots.

Penta TP3, $35 (Buy Now)
IT’S FOR: Better players who require more spin off iron shots without sacrificing length off the tee.
SKINNY: The 3-piece Penta ball provides 5 to 15 percent more spin on full-swing short irons than the Penta TP5. However, it launches higher with less spin on half-wedge shots than the TP5. Like its sister product, the TP3 has a soft urethane cover that sounds soft at impact.

RocketBallz, $27 (Buy Now)
IT’S FOR: All skill levels
who want soft feel, control and long-game distance but won’t pay for a Tour ball.
SKINNY: This 3-piece orb has a lively core and soft, “fast” mantle to increase ball speeds at impact. The ball (75 compression) has a thin, soft ionomer cover for short-game control. Scoring shots such as pitches should launch higher and spin less compared with the two Penta offerings.

Also available from TaylorMade:

Burner, $22  (Buy Now)
For golfers who typically hit only a few greens per round. The soft 2-piece ball is engineered for high spin on wedge shots from 100 yards and in. (It generates as much spin as Penta balls on 50- to 70-yard shots.)

Noodle Long & Soft, $16 for 15 pack (Buy Now)
High-launch, low-spin ball built for distance on every shot. Feels slightly firmer than the Burner.

From GOLF.com  (January 5, 2012)

Penta TP5

Penta TP3


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