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Rip It! These six new drivers let you swing away with total confidence

Yonex EZONE XP Driver
Schecter Lee
You can adjust loft ±1.5° from the 10.5° standard setting by opening or closing the face angle.

Price: $350

The EZONE XP has an additional 10 grams in its head compared with the previous model, and another 20 grams in the butt end of the grip. The premise is that at the same swing speed, a heavier head creates more ball speed than a lighter one. Yonex claims that its counter-balanced design, which moves the club's balance point 40 mm up the shaft, lets you make your normal swing and generate bigger drives. Yonex also used a carbon composite crown to shift eight extra grams toward the rear of the sole for added forgiveness.


Cleveland 588 Altitude Driver
Schecter Lee
The 588 Altitude comes standard with the Matrix Radix shaft.

Cleveland 588 Altitude
Price: $300

Cleveland keeps things light for slower swingers with a 270-gram club that maintains a traditional D2 swing weight. More mass gets distributed low and in the rear for added stability and higher launch. Also, a variable-thickness face amps up ball speeds on mis-hits by increasing rebound across more of the hitting area. The 588 Altitude sets up slightly closed, and comes in 9°, 10.5° and 12.5°.


Cobra Baffler XL
Schecter Lee
The blue-headed Baffler XL comes in 9.5°, 10.5° and 11.5°.

Cobra Baffler XL
Price: $250

The "XL" moniker doesn't mean extra large -- it's the roman numeral for 40, in honor of the 40th anniversary of the Baffler line. Still, the other XL is apt: The face is 17 percent larger than the AMP Cell Offset. Supersizing the face increases the trampoline effect for more "pop" and places more of the hitting area above the CG for a more consistent launch. To add stability and slice resistance, Cobra included an offset hosel and a weighty sole.


Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 Driver
Courtesy of Tour Edge
Adjustments go between 8.5° and 12° lofts in 0.5° increments.

Tour Edge Exotics XCG7
Price: $300

The 460 cc adjustable clubhead has a dimpled pattern along the sole [called "Power Grid"] that enables the body to flex more at impact to boost ball speeds. In addition, four weight pads along the perimeter raise the MOI for added forgiveness. The club's overall weighting is designed to generate high-launch, mid-spin shots. A complementary model, the Exotics XCG7 Beta [$350], has a 440 cc head with weighting properties that produce a more boring flight for stronger swingers.


Mizuno JPX-EZ Driver
Schecter Lee
The adjustable JPX-EZ is designed with the weekend warrior in mind.

Mizuno JPX-EZ
Price: $300

The club's "Quick Switch" hosel has four primary settings: STD [relatively high launch, neutral curvature]; 2 UP [same height, draw bias]; HIGH [higher, most draw] and LOW [lowest, most fade]. It also allows for four additional in-between settings to dial in trajectory/shot shape. The long, low-profile head puts weight well back to create a high, low-spin ball flight. For distance, the JPX-EZ welds a multi-thickness face to an "elastic" 0.6 mm crown. Available in 9.5° and 10.5° lofts with a Fujikura Orochi Black Eye shaft.


Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 Driver
Schecter Lee
The M3 has a matte PVD finish and an Aldila RIP Phenom shaft.

Wilson Staff FG Tour M3
Price: $350

This adjustable, lightweight 460 cc driver is tailored for better players, with a relatively deep face and smallish footprint that's ideal for shaping shots. The 9.5° head flips to any one of six lofts between 8.5° and 11.5° using Wilson's "Multi Fit" system. There's also a removable plug in the sole that can be shifted among three weights for customizable feel and trajectory: 3 grams ["SuperLight" setting]; 7 grams ["Right Light," which at 298 grams total is recommended for most fast swingers]; and 11 grams [more traditional weighting].

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