Ping iWi Anser putter
Schecter Lee
Wednesday, March 17, 2010

From Golf Magazine (January 2009)
In 1959, Ping Golf founder Karsten Solheim launched the now iconic company out of his garage. This year, as part of the company's golden anniversary celebration, Ping is introducing the iWi Putter Series. The stainless steel heads (Anser style, pictured opposite) are dressed up with a two-piece face insert (steel and elastomer rubber) and interchangeable weight inserts ("iWi") along the sole. \n

Combining a steel face with soft rubber backing delivers a steel-like click, plenty of feedback and repeatable distance output. Two 12-gram removable plugs contribute to a head-heavy sensation and rhythmic, controlled stroke. (A weight kit, sold separately for $70, includes two 20-gram tungsten weights, two 28-gram tungsten weights, two extra screws and a wrench.) Use these additional plugs to tweak head mass—and feel—to your stroke or specific green conditions.

$169, all models except Craz-E; $199, Craz-E

From (Buyer's Guide, May 2009)
Ping iWi B60
David Jones, Senior Design Engineer: "Fitting for weight in putters has been largely unexplored beyond the Tour level. Now, we want to give amateur golfers the ability to change putter feel before a round. We include 20- and 28-gram options in the weight kit because they represent the most noticeable feel differences."


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