Odyssey Versa No. 1 putter
Odyssey Golf
Thursday, March 28, 2013

Big, high-MOI putters have space for elaborate alignment aids, but classic blade-style putters only have room for a small line or a dot on the topline to help golfers aim. But thanks to a putter that failed in the concept phase, Odyssey now has an eye-catching way to help you align your putter with your target.
"We are always messing around with new ideas and new concepts," says Austie Rollinson, principal designer at Odyssey Golf. "One of our designers was working on an advanced, multi-material putter and was trying to put together two or three different materials into a single design."
According to Rollinson, that multi-material putter didn't work, but the designer's use of different colors in the putter struck a nerve.
"That got us thinking, 'That's a really neat alignment feature,'" Rollinson says.  "We took a black PT-10 putter, used some Wite-Out and tried it. It worked really well."
From that humble beginning, the Versa's distinctive black-white-black and white-black-white heads were born.
Unlike many alignment aids that are designed to extend the target line through the center of the putter, the striped Versa putters are designed to show you when the face is square (perpendicular) to your target line.
In addition to their unique look, the Versa putters also feature an updated version of Odyssey's White Hot insert.
"[The original White Hot] was a very complicated and expensive insert to make,” Rollinson says, "but golfers always loved the feel and performance. So we went back and tweaked the chemistry, the design, and the process by which we make it to improve the consistency and the feel."
While the black-white-black versions of the Versa have a white White Hot insert, the white-black-white putters have a black version.
The Versa putter family is debuting with several familiar Odyssey head styles, including the No. 1, No. 1 Wide, No. 7 and No. 9. Each putter will be made available in both color schemes. A Versa 2-Ball mallet putter is also being made but will only be available in a white-topped edition. Each will cost $169 and be in stores starting Jan. 18.

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