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Nike VR Pro Limited Edition Fairway Woods

Nike VR Pro Limited Edition Fairway Woods
Schecter Lee
Nike VR Pro Limited Edition Fairway Woods
From Golf Magazine ClubTest 2012 (May, 2012)

Category: Better-Player Fairway Woods
Price: $229

WE TESTED: 3 (15°), 5 (19°) with Nike Diamana ’ahina graphite shaft

KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The head features a traditional look, a bendable hosel and a Variable Compression Channel in the sole to create faster ball speeds across a larger area of the clubface, producing more distance and allowing for greater shotmaking ability. The ’ahina graphite shaft is stiffer in the midsection and tip than in previous VR Pro woods.

OUR TESTERS SAY: Solid woods that provide a good combination of distance and playability.

PLAYABILITY: A precise player can use these to move the ball up, down, left and right without much trouble.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: A consistent wood; many testers find that mis-hits tend to go where you’re aiming.
DISTANCE: A number of testers say it goes a bit longer than their normal sticks; solid shots travel as far as most test clubs.
FEEL: Weighty through the swing and crisp and powerful at impact; you can tell where the clubhead is at all times. LOOK: Simple, pear-shape design on the smallish size that most testers find attractive; a serious club for “players.”

Some guys say it’s not the most forgiving, particularly from tight lies; doesn’t get the ball airborne as easily as many other clubs tested.

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