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Nike Golf Clubs

Nike Golf Clubs

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Nike Vapor Black golf ball

Nike Vapor Black
Schecter Lee
Nike Vapor Black
From GOLF Magazine (May, 2012)

$25 (Buy Now)
IT’S FOR: All skill levels with swing speeds of 85-100 mph.
SKINNY: This 3-piece ball utilizes the same “power transfer” mantle layer as its predecessor, the ONE Vapor Speed. The polymer mantle is engineered to boost initial velocity and ball speed. It also helps to reduce sidespin on off-center hits. The Vapor Black has a slightly firmer compression than Vapor Speed, which leads to faster overall ball speeds.

Also available from Nike:

20XI-X, $46 (Buy Now)
4-piece Tour ball offers longer, more controlled shots for higher-swing-speed players.

20XI-S, $46 (Buy Now)
4-piece Tour ball offers the most short game spin in Nike’s product line.

Crush, $20 (Buy Now)
2-piece distance ball for those with 80-95 mph swing speeds.

Power Distance Long, $16 (Buy Now)
2-piece distance ball for higher swing speeds.

Power Distance Soft, $16
2-piece distance ball offers soft feel for slower swing speeds.

Power Distance Women, $16 (Buy Now)

2-piece distance ball that creates higher launch and longer carry.

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