Nike SQ Dymo STR8-Fit 10.5° driver
Schecter Lee
Monday, December 28, 2009

Nike's SQ Dymo driver is available with or without the STR-8 Fit adjustable fitting system.

From GOLF Magazine (Buyer's Guide, May 2009)
It's for: All skill levels, those who want to shape shots

Rick Wahlin, product engineering manager, Nike Golf: "Here we focus on increasing the stability of a round-shaped driver while maintaining workability for better players. We look at the increase in stability due to the far corners [extreme heel or toe] of a square design and implement a new design that has the effect of square geometry."

How it works: The standard Dymo is a straightforward glued clubhead with no adjustable fitting component. Weight pockets in the rear toe and heel areas are said to reposition "square-like head mass" into this round head. The center of gravity (CG) and face angle vary by loft to optimize launch and spin. High-lofted SQ Dymo drivers have more draw bias (CG is farther back and more heel side) with a more closed face than lower-lofted SQ Dymos.


From GOLF Magazine (February 2009)
It's for: All handicap levels, those who want the ability to shape shots
Key feature: Center of gravity placement and face angle vary by loft

In general, players who swing high-lofted drivers tend to lose shots right more so than guys who use lower (ie. 8.5°) lofts. Nike understands this, so high-lofted SQ Dymo drivers have more draw bias (center of gravity is farther back and more heel side) with a more closed face angle than lower-lofted SQ Dymos. All Dymos have weight pockets in the rear toe and heel areas for added forgiveness. A WideBody shaft is used to maintain proper flex (some thin-walled shafts flex too much). A sister driver, Nike's SQ Dymo2, offers more forgiveness.

From The Shop Blog (January 2009)
Only now, nine months after Trevor Immelman won the Masters, is the South African coming clean about the driver he used to win at Augusta National.

In a video conference with, Immelman explained that he began using a Nike STR8-Fit driver at the WGC-CA Championship at Doral, two weeks before 2008's first major. Specifically, he was using a Nike SQ 5000 driver that had been adjusted using STR8-Fit to be 1° open and slightly more upright. (The STR8-Fit drivers that will be available to consumers starting in April will have the new Dymo and Dymo2 heads.)
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