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Friday, February 04, 2011

From Golf Magazine (March, 2011)
IT'S FOR: Tour level players and skilled amateurs.
SKINNY: The 4-piece ball, available by summer, has a story all its own. A lightweight rubber-less core (made of polymer) makes the mantle and cover 10 percent heavier. As a result, drives launch with less spin (100-200 rpm) but maintain spin longer for better carry and control. The 20XI-S (replaces One Tour) has Nike's softest urethane cover ever for max spin and feel on approach shots; the 20XI-X (replaces One Tour D) has a firmer cover for lower spin and more length.

1. Consumer takeaway piece at retail explains Nike's ball offerings and how the products are designed for different player types.
2. A fitting tool available at provides player profiles (competitive, want to hit it longer, have fun, etc). Select a profile, answer a brief series of questions and the tool directs you to the "right" ball.
3. Sales reps and technicians use a proprietary software program at demo days. Software recommends ball(s) based on launch conditions (captured using a launch monitor) and your preferences.

$46 (per dozen),

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