Tommy Bahama's Signature, Izod's Eau de Toilette and Bobby Jones' colonges.
Carrie Boretz
By Woody Hochswender
Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Even the least sentimental among us will admit we love inhaling the aroma of freshly mown grass. If you'd like to share that pleasure with others, the cologne by Bobby Jones ($70) is carefully blended to capture the experience of golf with notes of lush greens, sweet clover and cypress. The green bottle features a silver stopper (to evoke Mr. Jones's trophies, of course) complete with a shape that is reminiscent of a gentleman's flask (another thing Jones was no stranger to). Other sports-inspired fragrances for fairway warriors: Tommy Bahama's spicy Signature Men's Cologne, $65, and Izod's citrusy Eau de Toilette for men, $58.

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