By Rob Sauerhaft
Monday, February 19, 2007
Gear 101: What's a blade?



Solus RD Series 4.1

Cobra King Cobra Baffler Utility Metal
Thirty years ago, the rail-soled Baffler revolutionized fairway woods. This seventh-generation Baffler has traded rails for a contoured soleplate sculpted to fit more players and more conditions. Weight moved lower and farther back helps shots get up fast. A maraging steel face insert boosts distance, as do shafts that are an inch longer than on similar long irons. Bafflers come in 18º, 20º, 23º and 26º, to replace 2- through 5-irons. $160 (steel), $180 (graphite); 800-624-5510 or


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