Pat Perez was greeted by his brother on the 18th green.
Chris Carlson/AP
By Woody Hochswender
Tuesday, December 16, 2008

When Tour players make their hip turn nowadays, more and more of them reveal a big, blingin' belt buckle. These include heavy-metal Western-styles, die-cut designs like Puma's jungle-cat cutouts, enameled chrome abstract looks like those worn by Ian Poulter, and sleek brushed-steel designs by Swedish designer J. Lindeberg that resemble the backside of a wedge. In a game that once altogether eschewed belts (Oh, Sansabelts, we hardly knew ye!) buckle bling is another way Tour players can express themselves without opening their mouths and muttering, "I'll just take it one shot at a time." Should you opt for one, use it as a reminder to turn your hips toward the target through the ball. That way, your pants will stay up and your scores will stay down.

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