Michael Jacobs looks to give you exact explanations for your swing faults.
Schecter Lee
Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Multitasker
Michael Jacobs, 34

I've been teaching for more than 15 years. Like most instructors, I used to make educated guesses when my students asked questions like, "What starts the downswing?" or "How should I move my weight?"

Not being able to pinpoint exact answers was frustrating, because that's part of my job. Finally, after experimenting with new technologies, I found a great combination of tools that now allows me to give exact explanations and specific instruction.

When students visit my Explosive Golf School at Rock Hill [G&CC, Long Island, New York], the first thing I use is a 3D motion-capture system called K-Vest. It diagnoses which parts of the body start various parts of the swing, like the takeaway and the transition into the downswing, so we can make the necessary corrections.

Once the sequential parts of the swing are functioning properly, the student swings while standing on a plate called the Swing Catalyst, which shows how their body weight is being distributed throughout the motion.

It's amazing how quickly the average player grasps what they're doing wrong once they see what's happening! Finally, I use radar technology to measure if the club is on the proper path, and on what trajectory the ball is traveling. The feedback is indispensable and has made me a more effective teacher.


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