Bobby Jones by Jesse Ortiz
Schecter Lee
Wednesday, February 06, 2013

From Golf Magazine ClubTest 2013  (March 2013) 

Bobby Jones by Jesse Ortiz
Category: Max Game-Improvement Drivers
Price: $349
WE TESTED: 9°, 10.5°, 12.75°/OLA with Graphite Design Tour AD graphite shaft

DISTANCE: Sneaky long, largely due to lower backspin numbers and impressive roll -- the ball hits the ground running.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Off-center hits aren't punished; nothing wildly left or right here.
FEEL: Head seems very light but is easy to keep track of during the swing; metallic sound; heavy and powerful at impact, with a jump off the face.
PLAYABILITY: One of the easier drivers to hit consistent draws with -- great for players who spend a lot of time in the right rough; ball flight tends to be lower than normal, although adjustability allows you to get a higher launch.
LOOK: Latest entry into the world of white drivers with Lexus pearl-color crown; pear-shaped clubhead is not as triangular as previous Bobby Jones designs, and looks massive next to the ball.

Harsh, ear-piercing, aluminum bat sound at impact; some testers find the club's slightly lower launch and spin to be a detriment, as shots tend to knuckle and fall out of the sky too quickly.

BOTTOM LINE: This loud-sounding club offers performance worthy of living with the noise, especially in terms of distance due to lower spin.

Launch: Mid
Spin: Low to mid
Square-to-closed face creates lower spin than most Max GI clubs for added consistency.


From Golf Magazine (August 2012)
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