By Woody Hochswender
Friday, May 13, 2011

At a time when the ranks of regular golfers seem to be declining slightly, golf manufacturers have been looking for ways to make the sport more attractive to the casual golfer. Various notions have been offered, from game improvement clubs to more forgiving balls. On the apparel side, several manufacturers are now offering less-structured, more comfortable shoes that take you from office to golf course without a hitch.

This week Ashworth Golf, building on the easy style of its sponsored golfer Fred Couples, introduces a full line of casual footwear. Four new styles will be hitting the shelves in early June:

  • The Cardiff ($120), a crossover golf shoe with treaded sole and sneakerlike look that can be worn on the street or the course.
  • The Leucadia ($90), a saddle shoe with suede and leather uppers that can also be worn on or off;
  • The Ash Standard Issue ($70), a sneaker with a canvas upper and leather accents
  • The Encinitas ($140), a slip-on loafer for off-course wear.


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