Cobra S9-1 and S9-1 Pro Fairway Woods

Photo: Schecter Lee

From Golf Magazine (Buyer's Guide, May 2009)
It's for: All skill levels

Doug Roberts, Principal Design Engineer: "We take an unorthodox approach here by developing fairway woods to perform well on the fairway but also away from the fairway. We want the S9-1 to inspire confidence through a classically styled, highly modern appearance that sports a larger 'footprint.' The result: You can assertively hit S9-1 from the tee, tight lies, rough or fairway and know that it's forgiving and stable."

How it works: S9-1 has a large, shallow face that kicks the center of gravity lower and farther rearward. You should expect high-launching shots (and good carry). The S9-1 Pro (pictured) has a smaller head, square-to-open clubface and heavier shaft. It's meant for faster swingers who want a more "workable" design with a bit less built-in forgiveness.

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