Cobra Baffler Rail H Hybrid

Photo: Cobra Golf

From Golf Magazine (ClubTest, May 2010)

Category: Game-Improvement Hybrids

We tested: 2/H (17°), 3/H (19°), 4/H (22°) and 5/H (25°) with Fujikura Motore graphite shaft

Company line: "The high-strength steel face insert creates 10 percent more discretionary weight (equal to five grams), which is placed low and rearward for improved launch. A four-way rail sole relieves more contact area for improved turf interaction."


PROS: Among the highest-rated hybrids in its class; this Baffler would make its forefathers proud; the club eases its way through rough; substantial feel on solid contact; one of the top hybrids for versatility and shot variety—you can shape shots with relative ease; consistent flight no matter where you hit it on the clubface; several mid-handicappers excel with the 2/H (17°) as a driving iron; slightly heavier feel makes it easy to keep track of the clubhead throughout the swing; repeatable distance; some guys will strongly consider purchasing it.

CONS: The club looks too much like a thick, oversized long iron for a few testers; a small minority of guys would like a bit more forgiveness.

$150, graphite;

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