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GOLF MAGAZINE ClubTesters spent a full day with each of the putters you will read about in this test.

We assigned each of our 13 ClubTesters a putting lane on a practice green at Hamilton Farm Golf Club in Gladstone, NJ. 34-inch and 35-inch length clubs were available. The surface was flawless and ran 9.5 on the Stimpmeter. Testers struck 12 putts per putter from 3 feet to 40 feet. Results were recorded; testers took note of feel as well as overall impressions.

TaylorMade CGB Daytona 1

THE COMPANY LINE "Our Anti-skid Groove System Insert (AGSI) consists of 12 CNC-milled grooves. It promotes forward spin and reduces skid and bounce, for superior distance control and accuracy"


  • "This putter has pop. I usually have trouble leaving putts short, but not with this baby." -Rich Sullivan (handicap 12)
  • "The metallic insert doesn't deaden all feedback. I have a strong sense of firmness of the hit on center strikes." -Charles Neivert (2)
  • "Easy to square and I like the way it controls distance." -Jim Malisse (10)
  • "I like the red hot insert, red-trimmed heel and toe weights and sleek black-and-red grip. Yet all you see at address is an uncomplicated sight line." -Rich Bernstein (13)
  • "Sets up square and is accurate on short putts." -Zach Fasman (10)
  • Cons

  • "If you want corrective measures to eliminate the extremes, this is not the best choice." -Robert Friedrich (8)
  • "An odd metallic, but muted feel. Impact isn't soft like putters with polymer inserts but not hard, either." -Michael Kaye (14)
  • Ping G5I Anser

    THE COMPANY LINE "The dual durometer face insert combines a soft perimeter with a firmer impact surface to provide the feel and feedback required for optimal distance control. The insert cavity ensures consistency."


  • "Mis-hits deliver very good feedback. You can definitely tell the difference between square and off-center contact." -Rich Bernstein (handicap 13)
  • "The putter has a nice weight, which is comfortable to swing smoothly, and the Winn grip promotes a relaxed stroke." -Rich Sullivan (12)
  • "Better forgiveness than expected. Misses are almost dead-on." -Zach Fasman (10)
  • "Softest feeling of the putters we tested." -Joe Botta (15)
  • "Unique half-moon shape makes it easy to line up putts." -Jim Malisse (10)
  • Cons

  • "Very busy-looking and potentially distracting." -Robert Friedrich (8)
  • "I like the look of the holes in the sole, but question whether those are what cause the lack of a totally solid feel." -Donna Miller (24)
  • Mizuno Bettinardi C-Series C-01

    THE COMPANY LINE "The head is 100 percent precision milled from 11L17 carbon steel. It features Bettinardi's patented Honeycomb face for consistent ball striking."


  • "The face response is intuitive for both distance and direction and allows easy adjustment from fast to slow greens." -Robert Friedrich (handicap 8)
  • "Impact is well-defined, due to not having an insert. Feedback is precise and accurate and gives a very nice thump." -Charles Neivert (2)
  • "On short putts, you can really let the putter do the work. No need to try to manipulate it with the hands." -Jon Kotraba (10)
  • "The gummy Winn grip makes this easy to control." -Andy Simon (25)
  • "Distance control is very good with all putts—no real jumpers or duds. Heel and toe weighting seems to compensate for all types of contact, giving consistent results." -Michael Kaye (14)
  • "Even my mis-hits seem to roll out and finish hole-high." -Adam Zisserman (11)
  • Cons

  • "Forgiveness on directional misses is not a strong suit. You have to make a good stroke." -Zach Fasman (10)
  • Odyssey White Hot XG #1

    THE COMPANY LINE "Our multi-layer insert combines a soft, resilient elastomer core that gets the ball rolling quickly with a thin, firm urethane cover that delivers exceptional feel and feedback."


  • "The heel-toe balance minimizes twisting, keeping the putter square through impact." -Charles Neivert (handicap 2)
  • "The sight line is on top of the face, making its alignment aid the closest to the ball out of the group." -Andy Simon (25)
  • "The ball stays on the textured face longer than with harder clubs. It is slightly less responsive than a hotter face, but more forgiving." -Robert Friedrich (8)
  • "The soft dimpled grip delivers a comfortable feel." -Rich Bernstein (13)
  • "The putting stroke seems effortless. It feels like the putter is putting for me." -Donna Miller (24)
  • "I feel the head throughout and don't need to muscle it." -Rich Sullivan (12)
  • Cons

  • "Well-struck putts deliver a satisfying click, followed by a disappointing muted feel. That feel made it difficult to judge distance." -Adam Zisserman (11)

  • How they stack up: Testers voted on their faves using a 100-point scale. Our star system rewards the top picks

    Club TaylorMade
    CGB Daytona 1
    G5i Anser
    White Hot XG #1
    Bettinardi C-01
    Look 4 stars 4 stars 5 stars 4 stars
    Feel 3 stars 4 stars 4 stars 5 stars
    Control 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 5 stars
    Total Performance 3.5 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4.5 stars

    *Ratings 5 Stars
    4 Stars
    Very Good
    3 Stars
    2 Stars
    1 Star

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