Schecter Lee
Wednesday, December 30, 2009

From Golf Magazine (Buyer's Guide, May 2009)
It's for: All skill levels

Steve Chien, VP of R&D: "'Where tradition meets technology' is our battle cry in developing this driver. Launcher keeps classic design and high performance in harmony, from the original Launcher 330 to 400 to 460 to 460 Comp. This one is our best Launchers yet."

How it works: Launcher offers a conventional profile, ball flight and impact sound. Its clubface is 21 percent larger than the Launcher 460 and the Launcher Comp (for a larger effective hitting area). An exaggerated sloped crown pulls weight lower and more toward the rear for added forgiveness. The horseshoe-shaped, 17-gram weight pad helps create a higher launch, less spin and more stability on mis-hits. Launcher generally produces mid-launch shots with low spin for a flatter trajectory (HiBore delivers higher-launch, higher-flying shots). The lightweight shaft tip moves more weight closer to your hands (keeping the same swingweight) to increase head and ball speed by 2 mph. Fujikura's Flightspeed Fit-On shaft is longer (45.5" vs. 45") and lighter (by 10 grams) than the previous generation Fit-On M Gold shaft. Company testing reveals that these forces combine to boost swing speed by 1.3 mph.

$299, graphite\n

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