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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

From Golf Magazine (ClubTest, May 2010)

Category: Fairway Woods

We tested: 3 (15°) and 5 (18°) with Callaway Golf FT-iZ Fairway graphite shaft

Company line: "FT-iZ woods have an aerodynamic design to reduce drag in the downswing for higher impact speeds, while 'polar weighting' (heavy face and heavy in-line power source in the rear) provides stability, consistency, incredible feel and increased speed (linear acceleration)."

PROS: Consistent, predictable ball flight; accuracy is a specialty; reliable distance output; well-struck shots deliver crisp response at impact; clubhead is stable throughout the swing; overall club design seems to help slicers eradicate the banana ball.

CONS: Triangular shape tends to be distracting, while the closed (onset) face makes setup a bit of a challenge; impact feel and sound on mis-hits can be too much; some guys who currently hit a draw might overcook shots.

$300, graphite;

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